The 100% Parisian Bistro


Near to Champs Elysées !

The Modern Bistrot from Paris.

A bistro 100% Parisian but revisited. Of course with their sauce,
contemporary revaluing the great french gastronomic
with lightness.

 Who said that leeks dressing were not sexy? Surely not. The Chef is outrageously flirting with the great classics of French cuisine, dishes of yesteryear that make us nostalgic of our Wednesdays at noon Mamy - remastered by the team in  the kitchen.

 Rough walls lit by majestic candelabra, antique furniture and large leather sofas, the atmosphere is conducive to relaxation and pleasure, what to undo and remake the world.

Very relaxing, nice, come in all simplicity, small glass, little game of billiards, waiting for a table without breaking the piggy bank in the Golden Triangle,  rather accustomed to pomp than to the authentic French cuisine. The atmosphere of Jacopo? It's you, and especially like at home.

We plan, you relax

The Must?
The Speakeasy

Like at home

With or without reservation

100% Parisian Food



In the heart of the triangle organize your events, dinners, interviews, in a trendy restaurant in Paris, where you can enjoy the bar.

Surface totale: 90 m2
Capacité: 15 à 100 personnes.
Format: sitting dinner, cocktail, room rental
* other formats available

In the heart of the golden triangle, organize your events, dinners, interviews,
in the brand new design restaurant in Paris, where you can enjoy the restaurant,
or hidden bar, and if you are crazy, both!

or hidden bar, and if you are crazy, both!
de privatisation du restaurant sur-mesure…

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