The new festive Italian in Paris

Mamamia Paris

Near to Champs Elysées !

Mamma Mia Parigi !

A brand new festive restaurant with Italian sauce opens its doors in Paris!
revisiting the most beautiful regions of Italy. And thus make you discover the culinary secrets of Tuscany in Puglia.

If you like Puglia and its gastronomy rich in seafood, fish and vegetables, you will be served!
For meatlovers, we offer bistecca fiorentina, one of Tuscany's best-known culinary specialties. It's a piece of young chianina or maremmana beef with a specific preparation…
Mamma Mia!

 Cut stone and marble, in terracotta tones, matched with rattan reminiscent of contemporary Italian design from the 70's, antique furniture and large benches, the atmosphere is romantic, conducive to celebration. 


The Must?
Le club CosaNostra au sous-sol, pour prolonger l’orgie romaine jusqu’a l’aube!

Dolce Vita

With or without reservation

Made 100% tutta l'italia



In the heart of the triangle organize your events, dinners, interviews, in a trendy restaurant in Paris, where you can enjoy the bar.

Total Surface: 90m2
Capacity: 15 to 100 pax
Format: sitting dinner, cocktail, room rental
* other formats available

In the heart of the golden triangle, organize your events, dinners, interviews,
in the brand new festive restaurant in Paris, where you can enjoy the restaurant, or the CosaNostra club, and if you're crazy, both!

To plan a private party, Mamamia responds to all your requests
de privatisation du restaurant sur-mesure…

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